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Residential Burglary Figures for Hillingdon

Residential Burglary Figures for Hillingdon
Information from Neighbourhood watch. 'In the 12 months to June 2021, compared to the previous 12 months to June 2020, there has been a significant drop in residential burglary in Hillingdon Borough of 32.58% (source: Metropolitan Police crime statistics). 
Several factors are involved in this welcome decrease: 
Firstly, due to the Covid pandemic, many residential properties have had someone at home all the time, which naturally deters burglars. 
Secondly, due to the rise in popularity of CCTV across Hillingdon, especially video doorbell cameras, burglars know that there is now a much greater risk of them being caught, as demonstrated by footage of suspects approaching premises and then turning away when they realise they are being filmed. 
Lastly, and significantly, there has also been some excellent work going on in the background by the Police of which most members of the public will of course be unaware, resulting in the arrest of at least 6 gangs of prolific burglars who have been taken into custody and remanded in recent months. 
These gangs were involved in many residential burglaries (including aggravated burglaries) all across our BCU (Basic Command Unit) of Hillingdon, Ealing and Hounslow, and further afield. 
Officers on the ground worked directly with individual residents who had signed up to CCTV Watch on OWL to help secure these arrests.  It is hoped that the work of the Police in relation to the arrest of these gangs will be included in a TV documentary early next year, and we will of course let you know as and when this is aired. 
So, thank you all for your continued support of the Police and HNW, and if you have CCTV of any description please consider helping the Police by registering those cameras on CCTV Watch (email, and please also encourage more of your friends and neighbours to sign up to OWL.'

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