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Eastcote Conservation Panel - Heathrow Expansion

Eastcote Conservation Panel Heathrow Expansion Consultation 2019
Dear Residents.
 The deadline for responding to the latest consultation from Heathrow Limited is 13th September 2019. 
 This current consultation is even more involved and complicated than the previous consultation in June this year. There are many documents running to thousands of pages plus links to other documents.
It is vital that as many people as possible respond to this consultation. I have set out below some facts, links and attached a letter sent by a local resident against this proposal.
Because you live in the north of the Borough it does not mean you will not be impacted by this expansion.
·       One statement made by Heathrow Limited ‘The third runway will create tens of thousands of jobs’ What will that mean to us? Tens of thousands of new homes will be needed, which will mean pressure on the Council to allow high rise flats, building on Green Belt, pushing dwellings into any space available. Tens of thousands of people will require, schools, hospitals, GPs, dentists, where are these services coming from? They will not be supplied by Heathrow Limited but will be  a drain on the tax payer, that is you and I.
·       Air pollution will increase, the Government’s policy for Climate Change will not be met.
·       The air space above our homes will have increased noise, some, who have never been over flown before will now be enjoying constant noise and restricted hours for sleeping.
·       The M25 will be disrupted for years, the third runway is planned to go over the top the M25 with the road in a tunnel. Rivers will be re-routed. Open spaces especially the Colne Valley Regional Park will have valuable habitat destroyed.
·       As well as the runway there will be extended terminals, freight depots, hotels, car parks etc.
 The London Assembly are against this expansion, they also realize that the consultation is not user friendly see link.
The London Assembly are recommending people to send in the following because "Heathrow have made their consultation about the 3rd runway impossible for any ordinary person (without a week to spare) to respond to" :
 "Heathrow expansion must be cancelled - there must NOT be any third runway.
Heathrow expansion fundamentally goes against the UK’s commitment to cut carbon emissions and improve air quality in the capital.
It’s going to make air pollution worse, increase carbon emissions and increase noise and we don’t support it.
I stand with hundreds of others calling for it to be CANCELLED”
If you would like to relay this information to the Heathrow Consultation process, copy and paste the above paragraph and send to:
Other groups have also issued guidelines/briefing notes or are taking other action these are listed below:-
·       HACAN has just published its briefing notes for the Consultation currently underway.
 ·       If people are responding to the Heathrow consultation, expressing their opposition to the 3rd runway plans, please copy your response (or key points) to so the @NoR3Coalition has copies of responses, as a record of what has been submitted.
 ·       Early Day Motion 2649 MPs are calling for an early day motion Tabled 24 July 2019 2017-19 Session.
‘That this House calls on the Secretary of State for Transport to undertake a review of the Airports National Planning Statement which supports the construction of an additional runway at Heathrow Airport exercising powers outlined in the Planning Act (2008); and believes that since the statement was first adopted there has been a significant change in circumstances particularly the adoption of a target of net zero for UK emissions by 2050 and the declaration of an environment and climate emergency following the findings of the Inter-governmental panel on Climate Change.’
 ·       Campaigners, including Hillingdon Council have been given leave to appeal the High Court dismissal of their case last May. There will be a 4 days hearing at the Court of Appeal starting 21st October 2019.
 ·       Colne Valley Regional Park please see the web site for more information on the Regional Park. Attached how the Heathrow expansion will damage this wonderful resource which is free to all of us.
 I am indebted to Christine a resident of Northwood Hills for all the information she has been sending to me. I have attached her letter of objections that she has sent via the  copied to
 Please feel free to use any of the information given, but the most important action is to object to this proposal which will mean the end of life as we know it if it goes ahead.
Remember the consultation closes Friday 13th September 2019.
Thank you

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